Growing from a handful of employees in 1966 to a staff of more than 300 today, the Hampton Roads Community Action Program serves over 6,000 citizens annually and specializes in providing innovative solutions that help low-income families and the working poor become economic self-sufficient. We invite you to contact one of our dedicated full-time and part-time staff for assistance.

Administrative Offices,
Children's Services,
Community Services & Development
Head Start &
Early Head Start
2410 Wickham Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607 
(757) 247-0379
392 Maple Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607
(757) 247-6747
610 Hampton Avenue
Newport News, VA  23607
(757) 246-9170
Wickham Avenue Directions
Maple Avenue Directions
Hampton Avenue Directions
OHA Officers
  Bagley, Angela SSVF Outreach & Data Entry Specialist (757)247-0379 ext 321
  Ben Shalom, Tzviah Administrative Secretary (757)247-0379 ext 323
  Carter, Carolyn Emergency Services Coordinator (757) 244-6121
  Everett, Joyce Teen Moms Support Program Mentor (757)594-4736
  Davis, Janet Disbursements Bookkeeper (757)247-0379 ext 304
  Drayton, Tammie Disbursements Bookkeeper (757)247-0379 ext 312
  Farrish, Glenn Senior Services Coordinator (757)244-4111
  Francis, Terri Comprehensive Housing Counselor (757)643-4086
  Futrell, Patricia Work Experience Coordinator (757)926-6093
  George, Anthony Supportive Services for Veteran Families Case Manager (757)247-0379 ext 316
  Grant, Michele Director of Community Services & Development (757)247-0379 ext 332
  Hayspell, Brenda Education Specialist (757)246-9170
  Jackson, Marshal Supportive Services for Veteran Families Coordinator (757)247-0379 ext 320
  Jones, Terri Payroll Specialist (757)247-0379 ext 311
  King, Jacqueline Supportive Services for Veteran Families Case Manager (757)247-0379 ext 303
  Lambert, Audrea Chief Financial Officer (757)247-0379 ext 307
  Miller, Hermelinda Director of Children's Services (757)247-0379 ext 306
  Null, Nancy Director of Head Start/Early Head Start (757)246-9170
  Pearson, Gloria Human Resources Coodinator (757)247-0379 ext 315
  Ricks, Monique Virginia CARES Transistion Specialist (757)247-0379 ext 305
  Russell, Carolyn Accountant (757)247-0379 ext 310
  Scheett, Donna Payroll Specialist (757)247-0379 ext 311
  Shirley, Carl Director of Planning (757)247-0379 ext 328
  Shirley, Leila Children Services Program Specialist (757)247-0379 ext 327
  Smith, Erika Teen Mom Support Program Mentor (757)594-4736
  Wallace, Brandy Office Assistant Reception (757)247-0379 ext 301
  White, Edith Executive Director (757)247-0379 ext 323